3V Tech today.

We are an engineering & manufacturing company operating in process solutions.

We are the technological soul of the 3V Group. The over 60 years’ experience gained by 3V Sigma in the chemical industry alongside the 3V Green Eagles’ sustainable vision are combined with our unique Technological, Engineering & Manufacturing know-how to fully support our customers and define new progress-oriented solutions.

We make progress by the process

This is the promise we make to our customers: the guiding thought behind everything we do.

In order to fulfil this commitment, we work with our customers with a view to establishing a partnership, accompanying them along a path built to meet their real needs.

Our values.


The origin of our every action, the result of our every action: from its local impact to major global issues such as sustainability, progress drives us to define solutions that generate progress for our customers.


The cross-cutting application of each skill is the very first step towards innovation. Dynamism and flexibility are part of our DNA: they characterise us as much in our approach as in the sectors we operate in, from fine chemicals to environmental divisions, via pharmaceutical as well as oil & gas companies.


We believe in collaboration and cross-fertilisation between people both inside and outside our company. On the one hand, we promote the exchange of knowledge between different roles and professions, while, on the other hand, we establish partnerships with customers our corporate attitude.


This is a value that cuts across all our actions, not only from an environmental point of view but also those of a social and economic nature. We are committed to creating corporate policies that put people at the centre and to promoting practices that make looking towards the future the highest and most essential prerequisite for progress.


Our company was founded as a family business over 60 years ago and over the years, we have developed an international outlook while remaining deeply rooted to our local area. For us, Italianness is a philosophy focused on flexibility, relationships, care and customisation.


Within an extremely dynamic context, our heterogeneous offer finds in the balance between skills and new challenges, between tradition and innovation and ultimately, between production and consultancy, the solutions for an increasingly demanding market.

Our vision

Where people and skills make progress sustainable every day.

Our mission

We design, build and operate personalised plant solutions for the process industry and multi-service providers. We work in partnership with our customers, sharing innovation, experience and multi-disciplinarity.

Our story.

Some of our milestones

Expansion of the 3V GE platform 


3V Tech USA was founded.


Entry into the O&G sector.


3V Tech Shanghai was opened. 


3V Glasscoat (enamelled products) was founded.


Acquisition of Mabo (evaporators).


Foundation 3V Green Eagle.


The first 3V Sigma Wet Oxidation plant for water and sludge treatment was opened


A production site was opened in the USA.


Production of machinery for chemical and pharmaceutical industries.Acquisition of Cogeim.


The 3V Group was founded.

Our commitment & responsibility

We support cultural and scientific projects of international relevance.

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