We make progress by the process.

Progress is both our driving force as well as the goal we are striving for, whether it is an ordinary or a complex international project.
With regard to our field of application and our broadest specialisation, the process is the tool through which this aim is fulfilled.
In order to give real form to progress, we have devised an identity-based business model that enables us to support our customers in structured processes based on their needs and requirements: the DBO.

Design, build, operate

The model to make progress

The ability to combine design, construction and management within an integrated approach has led to the creation of a distinctive business model capable of expressing our entire business offer.


Design as an integrated response to the customer's production requirements.


The production process as a whole, from planning to the verification of the achievement of expected performance.


Installation of solutions, after-sales services and, in co-operation with 3V Green Eagle, integrated process management for multi-service providers and customers working within the environmental sector.

Cases of progress.

Progress in its concreteness: discover the results in our case studies.

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