Tubular Forced Circulation Crystallizer.

3V Tech Tubular Forced Circulation Crystallizer FCC.jpg

The Tubular Forced Circulation Crystallizer FCC is similar to the Forced Circulation Evaporator FCE, where special separator designs are used to separate crystals from the recirculated crystal slurry.

It is an evaporative crystallizer mainly used with products having relatively flat or inverted solubility relative to the temperature. It is also used with compounds crystallized from solutions with scaling components, often for recovery/purification or elimination of products from liquid effluents (e.g. Zero Liquid Discharge system, ZLD).

The forced circulation crystallizer is particularly suited as final step in multiple-effect (ME) evaporation, thermal vapor recompression (TVR) or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) arrangement because it can handle high solid content.

In a multi-stage system, Forced Circulation Crystallizers can be used in combination with Forced Circulation Evaporator or with Falling Film Evaporators


  • Medium to high heat transfer coefficient, especially for low viscous product under turbulent conditions
  • High circulation flow-rate inside the heat exchanger
  • Crystallization does not take place on the heating surface, but in the flash separator
  • Long residence time due the high recirculation, therefore also high liquid hold-up
  • Vacuum operation or at atmospheric condition
  • Crystals particle size up to approx. 0,6 mm
  • Not suitable for sensitive product, due the long residence time
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