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Solvent Recovery.

Solvent recovery technology allows the recycling of spent solvents, which constitute a significant share of hazardous waste.Depending on the composition of the solvent waste stream and the intended second use, after recycling, different 3V Tech technologies can be applied, maintaining the core process of evaporation/distillation. The recovery process takes place at temperature and vacuum conditions determined after simulations and/or testing. Different solvent may be recovered: Methanol, Ethanol, Chloroform, DMSO, …

Thanks to the economic perspective for the industrial user, the solvent recovery technology addresses the needs of many industrial sectors other than the solvent recycling industry, such as the chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, with on-site solutions for internal recovery, not only from spent solvents but also from waste water.

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Our long expertise in Thermal Separation Processes also makes us a valuable partner in cases of Spent Acids Recovery.

A Solvent recovery plant needs the following utilities and plant design will take into consideration their (un)availability at site:

  1. Electricity    
  2. Steam or hot oil    
  3. Instrument air    
  4. Cooling water

A Solvent recovery plant can be a self-standing and independent unit or can be part of an integrated plant concept as outlined in a simplified schematic showing the main additional section hereafter: 

  1. Reaction       
  2.  Solid/liquid separation    
  3. Drying
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When dealing with a multistream scenario the ability to select among a vast portfolio of technologies and equipment allows 3V Tech to tailor the solution to the customer needs. Streams can be mixed or treated individually according to which approach represents the optimised solution. 

What 3V Tech offers:   

  • Laboratory and pilot scale testing    
  • Process and detailed engineering    
  • In-house manufacturing and quality inspection   
  •  Supervision at customer site from erection to commissioning and plant start-up             
  • Customer support during plant operation and after sales service

How do we help our customers?   

  • Through a consolidated and proven experience in Solvent recovery optimized design as result of several years of engineering and fabrication.           
  • Through the selection of subsuppliers meeting our own and our customers standards   
  • Through unit customization in accordance with our customers’ needs and specifications           
  • Through in house fabrication with very demanding standards focusing on material selection, quality and fabrication accuracy           
  • Through modularization of the plants, in order to minimize site work and cost

Solvent Recovery  Plant 
2 Twin skids each one including a Thin Film Evaporator model M450/4.5L

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