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Used Lube Oil Re-refining.

In the lube oil industry, the term "recycling" is different from "re-refining"."Recycling oil" or "reconditioning oil" is mostly refers to the use of commercial filtration systems to remove insoluble impurities. The resulting oil here has very limited uses because of the stringent safety and environmental regulations.

Re-refining on the other hand is a process that removes all impurities, both soluble and insoluble, and returns the oil to a quality suitable for a variety of applications, including automobiles.

Used Lube Oil Re-refining Plant consist of several stages, as illustrated in the below block diagram:

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3V Tech supplies Modular Used Lube Oil Re-refining, skid mounted systems, ready for immediate installation. The capacity of Modular Re-refining Unit is ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 MTPY.

The Modular unit is designed and fabricated in accordance with international codes and Standards (ASTM, ANSI, API) as well as international environment specifications for wastes and emissions.

A Used Lube Oil Re-refining plant needs the following utilities and plant design will take into consideration their (un)availability at site.    

  1. Electricity    
  2. Steam or hot oil    
  3. Instrument air    
  4. Cooling water

What 3V Tech offers:   

  • Laboratory and pilot scale testing    
  • Process and detailed engineering    
  • In-house manufacturing and quality inspection    
  • Supervision at customer site from erection to commissioning and plant start-up             
  • Customer support during plant operation and after sales service

How do we help our customers?   

  • Through a consolidated and proven experience in Used Lube Oil Re-refining optimized design as result of several years of engineering and fabrication.    
  • Through the selection of subsuppliers meeting our own and our customers standards       
  • Through in house fabrication with very demanding standards focusing on material selection, quality and fabrication accuracy           
  • Through modularization of the plants, in order to minimize site work and cost
Treviolo, Italy
Unit: Used Oil Recovery (Thin Film Evaporator Plant) with capacity 3.5 THP - 30 KTPY
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