Environmental Processes

Sludge Treatment.

A growing population and a continually expanding industrial sector boost the volumes of treated water, year by year, making sludge management a concern of increasing importance:  sludge is in fact the main waste stream generated by water treatment. Reducing its volume is fundamental, as well as the presence of harmful substances, odor and micro-organism potentially dangerous to people health and environment. 

Sludge Treatment

In order to handle sludge more safely 3V Tech started years ago to develop hydrothermal processes, based on Wet Oxidation, to treat sludge coming from the wastewater treatment plant at our own industrial facilities. Since then we've put now our long experience at the service of industries and municipalities.

The hydrothermal process, operated at high temperature and pressure, in presence of air or oxygen, destroys the sludge achieving in one step multiple goals: 

  • Sludge mass reduction up to 80-90% thanks to reduction of suspended solid and increase of sludge settleability and dewaterability 
  • Oxidation of suspended organic (volatile) solid up to 96-98%
  • COD removal up to 85%
  • Removal of harmful and biorefractory organic pollutants
  • Increase sludge settleability and dewaterability with additional reduction of sludge mass
  • Microbes removal 

Biological, digested, urban or industrial sludges can be treated and different compositions, from pharma to mining industries, may be addressed just changing the process operating conditions.

Sludge is thickened before undergo wet oxidation treatment and the water contained in it, with an overall lower content of dissolved organic and rich of biodegradable compounds, can be easily polished by biological treatment.

In specific cases, depending on sludge composition and process conditions, it is possible to recycle back water.

Sludge treatment based on wet oxidation can be integrated into existing wastewater treatment plant or can replace it: the unique DUAL TOP process can treat simultaneously sludge and waste water, adding up the benefits of the hydrothermal process. 

  • Combination with stripping, in case of high solvent content or relevant nitrogen contamination, is also possible.

The broad range of industrial processes make broad the sludge and waste water composition and each composition requires a custom process. To verify process efficacy respect to the specific sludge or waste water we support our customer with testing activities, run at our R&D laboratories. In all process development stages, from testing to engineering and plant design, a dedicated team of scientist and engineers assist and support our customers, progressing together step by step.

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