Environmental Processes

Waste Recovery.

A growing population and a continually expanding industrial sector make waste generation to increase, becoming more and more an environmental issue: waste management should so operate in order to improve efficient use of resources but also to value waste as a resource itself

At 3V Tech we contribute to that by developing process solutions for liquid waste recovery from different industries, including hazardous waste. 

Liquid Waste Recovery

Waste Oil Recovery

Re-refining to base oil of waste lubricants oils, mainly used for automotive and industrial applications, is considered to be the best practice, in particular with regard to the circular economy and waste hierarchy.

Different processes may be used depending on the oil origin, application, aging and contamination, but generally a thermal separation process (evaporation/distillation) is applied and the overall treatment mainly consists of dehydration, diesel oil separation and final refining.

Solvent  Recovery 

Spent solvents constitute a significant share of hazardous waste and therefore is of critical relevance to recycle them, not only by an environmental viewpoint but also by an economic perspective for the industrial user. 

Depending on the composition of the solvent waste stream and the intended second use, after recycling, the technology may change but the core process remains evaporation/distillation.

The process may consist of more stages, depending on the nature of the solvent/s, the presence or not of water and other impurities. More solvents are in the waste stream more are the process steps.

  • Depending on the specific case stripping by air, vapor or inert gas can also be applied.
  • In addition to solvent recycling industry we may address the needs of other industrial sectors, from agrochemical to pharmaceutical industry (verifico con Daniele se altre industrie), with on-site solutions for internal recovery, not only from spent solvents but also from waste water.
  • Different solvent may be recovered: Methanol, Ethanol, Chloroform, DMSO,…

Our long expertise in Thermal Separation Processes also makes us a valuable partner in cases of Spent Acids Recovery.

The broad range of industrial processes make broad the waste composition, especially in case of solvents, and each waste requires a custom process and a tailormade plant design.

To define the proper process steps and verify process efficacy respect to the specific waste and the final result to be achieved we run analysis and tests at our R&D laboratories. In all process development stages, from testing to engineering and plant design, a dedicated team of scientist and engineers assist and support our customers, progressing together step by step.

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