Research & development.

Developing New Environmental & Industrial Processes
One of the distinctive traits of 3V Tech is innovation. Either self developed, or as a support to resolve specific customer issues.

This attitude has made 3V Tech a valuable contributor to the circular economy, helping its customers in the process industries to reduce their environmental impact. Guiding them towards a better ESG (Environmental Social Governance) rating.

With more than half a century of experience in designing, building, and using complex process equipment & plants, 3V Tech today is able to offer a unique set of Technological, Engineering & Manufacturing skills.

Own Wet Oxidation technology
R&D centers
Analytical laboratory
Pilot plants

Own patented Wet Oxidation technology.

The company has always put a strong focus on R&D which put her in the position of developing her very own patented TOP® Wet Oxidation technology for the treatment of Industrial Wastewater and (civil) Sludge.

3V Tech's Wet Oxidation technology achieves more than 99% polutant compound destruction and has been awarded:

  • 1990 Best Reparative Technology Award from ENEA (the EU delegate for Italy)
  • 2006 BAT (Best Available Techniques) award from the EU-IPPC for O.F.C.s (Organic Fine Chemicals) for in-situ experimental activities.

The technology is now being offered to market in the form of Wet Oxidation Plants which purify parts of the production water coming from oil and aluminum refineries. And are also used to treat all kinds of other flows of industrial wastewater, even in combination with civil or industrial sludge.

3V Tech's Wet Oxidation is the technology of choice for treating particularly stubborn and polluting compounds in industrial wastewater streams, which are present in a wide range of production processes, and where the use of traditional biological treatment alone is not enough.

R&D centers.

3V Tech operates three advanced R&D centers located in Italy and the USA.
Mozzo (BG), Italy
Complete Multi-purpose 4 floors test center, with the necessary utilities and suitable to handle hazardous products.
Grassobbio (BG), Italy
Mainly dedicated to environmental research and to lab scale testing.
Georgetown (S.C.), USA
Lab and pilot testing.

At our R&D centers lab-scale plant tests can be performed allowing us to keep optimizing the process pathway, and conduct feasibility studies on our own, and on customer's technologies.

Our R&D Centers are optimally equipped for testing in the fields of:
  • Wet Oxidation
  • Batch filtration & drying
  • Evaporation, crystallization, distillation, drying
  • Highly-viscosity products
We offer you the following services:
  • Lab scale testing for preliminary screening and equipment selection
  • Pilot plant trials for scale-up to industrial units and design of optimal operating conditions
  • Highly qualified testing personnel
  • Physical-chemical analysis of product samples
  • Detailed testing reports
  • Large sample quantity for customer's further R&D activities
  • Development of particular equipment, plants and processes according to customer's application
  • Setup of Multi-Step test plants

Analytical laboratory.

Our analysis laboratory, located in the Wastewater & Sludge Treatment Center of our subsidiary 3V Green Eagle, aids in optimizing the waste treatment process.

The lab performs approximately 50.000 analyses on more than 20.000 waste samples per year. Our analytical lab is able to analyse every type of wastewater and sludge.

The main methodes used are:
  • APAT-IRSA CNR for Wastewater and Sludge analysis
  • GC-FID, GC-ECD, GC-NPD for Solvent analysis
  • ICP for Metal analysis
  • UV-VIS Spectroscopy for Colorimetric analysis
  • Digesters for TKN and Phenol analysis
  • Microwave mineralizer
  • Thermal balance
  • Karl Fischer to determine the water content
  • TOC
  • Microscopy

Pilot plants.

We have at least one pilot unit for each type of equipment we manufacture, which conceptually is manufactured identically to the industrial sized equipment.

Most of our pilot units are manufactured in Alloy C 22 as material in contact with the product. This guarantees a compatibility with most products used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The following pilot units are available for testing:
  • Wet Oxidation pilot plant
  • Lab filters, filter-dryers and vacuum dryers
  • Lab glass evaporators
  • Lab thin film/short path evaporators
  • Filter-dryers and various other filtration equipment
  • Vacuum dryers of various kinds
  • Short path evaporators
  • Anaerobic digestion reactor
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Available pilot plants (detailed overview)

Mobile pilot units

For testing at our customer's site we have mobile pilot units available. Designed for easy transport and installation.
Our specialised personnel is available to validate the installation, provide training, and assist during the initial test phases.

Interesting fact

This mobile pilot plant has been actively used to assess innovative sediment management strategies on the port areas of Livorno, La Spezia, and Palermo, in experiments financed by the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea.