The services we provide.

3V Tech is an Engineering / Manufacturing company
With more than half a century of experience in designing, building, and using complex process equipment and plants, 3V Tech today is able to offer a unique set of Technological, Engineering & Manufacturing skills that fully supports its customers in the process industries.

We are a partner to customers for the development and implementation of their (production) processes, and can guide them in the transition to the circular economy, helping them reduce their environmental impact.

3V Tech strives to help its customers optimize their 'ESG' rating. (Environmental Social Governance)

One of 3V Tech's distinctive traits: INNOVATION
Either self developed, or to resolve specific customer issues.

Feasability studies.

At our R&D centers lab-scale/pilot tests are performed allowing us to get a deep understanding of our customer's process needs and specific engineering requirements.

Based on the performed lab tests, process simulations, and conceptual engineering design, we then provide our customers with a technical & economical feasibility.

We offer you the following services:

  • Lab scale testing for preliminary screening and equipment selection
  • Pilot plant trials for scale-up to industrial units and design of optimal operating conditions
  • Highly qualified testing personnel
  • Physical-chemical analysis of product samples
  • Detailed testing reports
  • Development of particular equipment, plants and processes according to customer's application
  • Setup of Multi-Step test plants

Our Research Centers are optimally equipped for testing in the fields of:

  • Wet Oxidation
  • Batch filtration & drying
  • Evaporation, crystallization, distillation


Our engineering department has grown as a team of people strongly oriented towards technological development and innovation.

The perfect mix between chemical and mechanical engineers, makes 3V Tech a uniquely flexibel partner to its customers in the process industries.

We work closely alongside our customers to get a deep understanding of their process needs and specific engineering requirements.

130.000 hours of engineers per year.

This is achieved through a profound dialogue between our R&D specialists and the customer's team.

The technical management of our projects are led by Process Engineers with a consolidated technological know-how, and deep skill in coordinating various teams of engineering specialists.

Our Mechanical Engineering Team takes care of the design and fabrication of the Plants and Equipment, which all happens at our own manufacturing facilities.

The fluid interaction between the different engineering disciplines is our strongpoint. Resulting in highly performant and durable Process Plants and Equipment.

3V Tech provides a full range of engineering disciplines.
Everything in close dialogue with the customer.
  • Environmental
  • Process
  • Heat transfer
  • Mechanical
  • Civil and structural
  • Instrumentation
  • Electric
  • Piping

Manufacturing Facilities.

175.000 hours of manufacturing per year.

3V Tech has three manufacturing sites. Two in Italy, and one in the US, amounting to a total production area in excess of 20.000 m2.

We fabricate all our Plants and Equipment in-house, relying on our unique set of manufacturing skills, build-up over the course of 45 years.

Next the manufacturing, we also take care of the full assembly and installation on site.

Manufacturing Facility Dalmine, Italy

3V Tech manufacurting facility in Dalmine is designed for the fabrication of medium and large size equipment. The facility was inaugurated in the mid- 1980s and is approximately 12.000 m2 large.

Manufacturing Facility Noventa, Italy

3V Tech glass-lining facility is about 4.000 m2 large and is based in Noventa di Piave, Italy. It adheres to the best industrial practice criteria. Latest generation equipment ensures production efficiency and product quality. Vertical computerized electrical furnaces, preheating and cooling chambers allow a lining quality at maximum level excluding contaminations and defects.

All glass application is done by personnel with long experience.

Manufacturing Facility Andrews SC, USA

3V Tech's US manufacturing facility covers about 1.500 m2 and is based in Andrews, South Carolina.

The site is equipped with full glass-lining and refurbishing capabilities, and is set up for fast reglass manufacturing of parts and components such as protection rings, manway covers, agitators, hubs, shafts, baffles, dip pipes, valves, gaskets, PTFE sleeves, etc.
All compatible & interchangeable with other glass-lining brands.

There also is a separated area dedicated to the refurbishment of Filter-Dryers and Dryers, because who better than the original equipment manufacturer to get your unit back in shape!

  • Quality assurance: ISO 9001, lastest edition
  • Qualifications: ASME (U-stamp), PED, SQL, DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (glass-lining), ATEX 94/9/CE, SELO LICENSE
  • Design codes: ASME, EN 13445, ISPESL, AD 2000, CODAP, SVT
  • The range of fabrication materials include: Carbon Steel, 304 or 316 SS, Duplex SS, Superduplex SS, Hastelloy, Nickel based alloys, Nickel, Titanium, glass-lined, etc.

After sales.

Our aftersales service team is composed of a skilled backoffice team and experienced service engineers.
We are strategically located in Europe, the UK, USA and Asia.

Each service engineer is equipped with parts, tools and the necessary safety equipment to be able to carry out the necessary service requirements.

3V Tech provides the following After Sales Service:

  • Installation Supervision, Commissioning, Start up & Validation
  • Customer Training
  • After Sales Assistance
  • Spare Parts Delivery
  • Field Service
  • Equipment Assessment & Refurbishments
  • Retrofits & Upgrades to Improve Performance
  • Re-Glassing
  • Equipment Re-Certification